Write a cover letter in <30s using the latest AI

Example function to automatically write and generate a software engineering cover letter
Example function to automatically write and generate a software engineering cover letter

Join 100s of engineers writing their cover letters, in <30 seconds, using the latest AI.

Don't get left behind.

Tweets about the software engineering cover letter writer
Tweets about the software engineering cover letter writer

Cover letters.
Usually optional.
Definitely preferable.

Stop avoiding roles that require a cover letter.Start standing out, especially when cover letters are optional.
(even for software eng. roles)

Press articles about how important software engineering cover letters are

Frustrated engineers can't be bothered wasting hours writing cover letters.

It's even worse when applying to multiple companies.And you miss a crucial opportunity to stand out if you skip it.

Frustrated man

Unique and engaging cover letters, just for software engineers.

We've trained our dedicated AI model on 1,000+ software engineering cover letter examples. Designed for US or UK roles across every level.

Overview of how the software engineering cover letter writer works

- Write your draft in 2 steps instead of 10- No need to upload CVs or create lengthy profiles- See results in under 30 seconds

Question about who you are

How it works

1. Quickly tell us why you're special

Answer 3 short questions. Just copy and paste from your CV or resume.

How it works

2. Tell us a little about the job you're applying for.

Just copy and paste from the job description.You can create a unique cover letter for each job application, tailored to the job description. Yeah, wow.

Question about what the role is

Cover letter examples from the software engineering cover letter writer

How it works

3. Boom. We write your personalised cover later with the latest AI.

Behind the scenes, GPT-3 AI is doing all the heavy lifting.

How it works

4. Tweak and regenerate to fine tune.

Create new drafts for each job. Or just keep re-generating new unique versions for the same job.

"We built this because we realised how important cover letters are to employers. But also how hard they are to write well.I think engineers are great at many things, but personally writing something like a cover letter, I just found really difficult. I hope this helps more engineers get their dream job.It's been amazing helping 100s of engineers write their cover letters, most of which were never going to do it themselves."

Still here?

Not convinced?
Here's 5 reasons...

1. You can write your first draft for free in <30 seconds2. Each cover letter is tailored to a job description3. Include a cover letter with all your job applications4. Every time you re-generate, a unique cover letter is created5. Your time is too valuable. Write code, not cover letters


1. How does this actually work?
After we ask you a few questions, we input that into a specially trained AI (GPT-3) model. It's read through over 1,000 cover letters for software engineers. The model can then write a completely unique cover, personalising it using the information you gave us.
2. How much does it cost?
Importantly you can try it for free! We'll let you write your first draft completely free. If you want to write more cover letters or fine tune it, you'll have to choose one of our plans starting at $3.99 (one off).
3. Isn't this just a cover letter template?
It's much more sophisticated than a template. Each cover letter that is written will follow a slightly different format and a format that's optimised for the role you're applying to and your experience.
4. Shouldn't I just write it myself?
You could! If you have the time and skills. This service is for people who need a jumpstart writing their cover letters and are short on time. We'd much rather be spending our time on something other than writing a cover letter.
5. Why don't I just build this myself?
Again, you could... but then you'd have to find all the software engineering-specific cover letters, work out which were the high-quality ones, train GPT-3 on them, spend hours working out what the best prompt is... phew... then manually enter all the details required. By the time you've done all this you may as well have just hand-written it yourself!

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